The Power of Love.

My name is Amy Love, and my goal is to create an inviting web presence for you that you’ll be proud of. My unique credential as web designer AND web engineer means you won’t have to look for (and pay for!) two separate people.

Of course, conquering the complex goes beyond the core strengths of even Superwoman! That’s when I reach out to my team of experts, so you’re never left scrambling to solve any last-minute production gaps. And I still coordinate everything for you.

No wonder my clients say I live up to my name!

Amy Love's Core Strengths
You’ll work exclusively with me, when this is what you need:

  • Delightful user experiences – Anything can look good, but it has to be usable! That always comes first.
  • Front-end web developement – I live and breathe compliant, cross-browser friendly HTML and CSS.
  • Website design – I'll seamlessly unite your site's beauty and navigability with its programming.
  • Start-up consulting – I'll guide you to bring out the best in your online presence and marketing.
  • WordPress expertise – We can use this platform when ease and economy are your goals (it's not just for blogging anymore).
  • Print collateral – I'll design brochures and ads that complement your site—or stand on their own!

Amy Love's Core Team
I’ll serve as team leader when you need affordable marketing and development expertise outside my core strengths:

  • Copywriting – To ensure your words are as effective as your design.
  • Search Engine Optimization – To lift your site to the head of the pack.
  • Logo Design – To shape your brand with a beautiful and memorable identity.
  • Flash & JavaScript – To add key features, or some tasteful razzle or dazzle.

Now… tell me a little about what you need, and I'll show you how to achieve it.